Be Gentle its my first time....

Well sitting in Starbuck’s writing my very first blog.
They say you always remember the first times, whether that’s true or not I’m unsure?

Well I may as well introduce myself, don’t want to be rude.
My names Stephen, I have frequented in the haven that is fat Buddha for over a year now.
While picking up many trinket and treasures along the way from the Buddha of Fat.
From some Munny’s to hats, to paint to books. But now I think you get the point+loads more dead iteresting stuff too....
In my blogs I will be covering various items that I’m interested from all sorts of adidas, customized items, fresh gear, more sneakers and other random this thrown into the mix.
It will be one big mash up, just like Annie Mac’s show on a Friday night.

Well that’s me for this one, I finished my coffee and I’m back to work.

O and wait for info on possibly the best trainer in the world coming.I dont think Carlsberg make them though?

Also see Fat Buddha while I get my 1st proper one done


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