New York Mop tutorial

Hi guys, this week I'm going back to writing about the graffiti equipment Fat Buddha stocks. This items a beauty, its a NY Mop filled with white Grog buff proof ink. The NY Mop is great, the bottle holds loads of ink, so you don't have to refill as often, it can be really drippy if you want it to be and is really smooth on a good few surfaces. Grog Buff proof ink is one of the best inks on the market, it is resist to alot of chemicals, will not be effected by any weathering, the bottle is pocket sized and will fill this NY Mop about 3/4 times. Below are pictures of the NY Mop and The White Grog ink.

To fill the Pen, remove the cap, and head of the Mop. Give the bottle of ink a really good shake, open it and pour into the bottle of the Mop. Don't fill the marker right to the top so that when its been put back together you can make sure the inks mixed well before you start writing. Ok so the bottles full of ink, replace the head of the Mop (make sure its on properly or your going to be skrubbing Ink off your body for days) shake the ink up and pump the head. You are now ready to start writing.

Below are some quick tags on a few different surfaces, The NY Mop works really well on smooth surfaces but your need to watch with rough ones. The first is on an old cement bag, its surprisingly rough but the Mop coped well. The second is on a plank of wood, instead of writing on it, i dabbed the NY Mop to try a new style, i also made a T out from drips.

Overall The NY Mop and Grog Ink is a great bombing combo, which will never let you down. So log on to Fat Buddha and check out the awesome prices and next day delivery or go into the store for the banterful staff and stunning store.

Thanks for reading
Regards, Calum.


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