Promo, Promo, Promo

Gonna do some shameless PRing here.

Some good friends of mine have a very promising exhibition on in Stereo in Renfield Lane on the 25th of November. Great new work from two new major Scottish artists Catherine Weir and Catrin Jeans with contributions from Portuguese and German artists. Promises to be some great video art, some interesting internet related things and good, old-school paintings. And if there's free wine, it's a great night. I'll drop some promo near the time, but it's gonna be a strong one.

OneMoreTune is a belter of a techno/electro night in Blackfriar's basement. Some proper eye popping sound this Saturday with Elliot Castro, Foliage and residents Define Define. The door damage is well worth it and it always leaves a smile. And you can make the flyer into a paper owl. (Don't ask)

NB-no 'ghost-rock' will be played at this event. Much to Big Al's chagrin.

Incidently, on the OMT myspace, I found a picture of myself and my mate Sunny at said night. Although I appear to be about 3ft tall in it. Or Sunny is an NBA player. I can't work out, but it amused me and nobody else, I would imagine.

Why I have the look of some southern redneck hick attracting flies with my open gub, I'm not sure.

Cheers and till next week,



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