Skater of The Year

Thrasher Magazine's prestigious Skater of The Year award is on us again. Dan "Corpsy" Drebohl, John Rattray and John Cardiel have all picked Silas Baxter Neal to win, so that's good enough for me, I'm going to go ahead and call the winner myself. Silas Baxter Neal; in my top five three-named-skateboarders along with Anthony Van Engelen and Pierre Luc Gagnon. 

Not being cruel, don't worry. This guy is not the same AM I remember back in the day. I thought then he looked flat footed, a bit stilted and stiff and had this odd thing where it looked like his feet never moved. All of that has changed bar the latter now, perhaps he can actually levitate or something.

This part in the Habitat vid Inhabitants seems to confirm he's now a ripper with quite a smooth style. Some of his snaps are huge, range of tricks is very interesting. It also appears though that the wall-ride is officially back amongst everyone. And that Baxter-Neal fell head first out of the 70s wearing his best flared chords and never looked back.

Nice bit from the eS vid promotion. He's now on adidas though.

I still want Rattray to win. One day...

And a reminder: at Fat Buddha, we're still carrying plenty of skate product. Cliche decks, Destructos amongst a lot of nice gear and I'll even personally build you that board. It might be the middle of winter, but that's what skateparks and NCP carparks were built for.

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