Mini New York Mop

Hi guys, This week I have the New York Mini Mop for you. Its very similar to the Mop i showed you last week but this ones tiny.(great for hiding away or keeping in your pocket). The Mini Mop is a really great, seriously one of my favorite Pens, Mop or Marker I've ever written with, and same as last week it was filled with the legendary white Grog buff proof Ink.

Its fills the same as the New York Mop and uses the same valve system. below are some pictures of what winter has driven me too to get pictures for you guys and some tags to show you what the Mop can do.

Yeah that's right, a flood light!

The New York Mini Mop seriously kicks ass, my tip to using it would be to make sure you shake it enough, and to watch what surface you use it one. (stay away from brick and cheese graters)

Thanks for reading, Calum.


Anonymous said…
That last uat tag? Why? Sdk much

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