Eating my words.

I was a massive fan of Kanye's first album and certain tracks still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, which is a rare thing for a hip hop record.

The concept for his new joint 808s & Heartbreak seemed a little bitty shite to me. I mean the most creative dude out there in the industry jumping on some vocoder bandwagon, I'll confess I was slating it before I even heard Love Lockdown.

With all that said I am eating my words and am all over the new single Heartless. Hear it HERE.


Raoul Duke said…
I have to say I agree, I didn't think the concept of vocoders and 808's on every track was a particularly great idea - before I heard the album. There are some bits where their use feels excessive, but there are still some great tracks on there, even if the album is a bit darker than previous ones.

You should check out 'Love Locked Down' as well:

There's little that can be called rap on this album, but he knows what he's doing, and supposedly said he'll have another one out by June.

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