Weather the Change

I was looking forward to the Indian Summer that the weather forecasters had been predicting all week.....they should really learn how to predict the weather properly! Windy and showers, to me, is NOT an Indian Summer! I'm with Billy Connolly when he says that 'if you don't like the weather in Scotland, hang around for ten minutes, it's bound to change'.

Anyway, Fat Buddha is at hand to get you all kitted out for the winter.....

If you're worried about your New Era cap blowing away, get yourself a beanie. We've got loads, with the latest ones coming from Famous Stars and Straps (one of the best selling brands in the shop at the moment), Carhartt, and Obey (online only).

If you want to keep dry, get hold of a Carhartt Sail Jacket....

And for those who just don't want to give up on the summer just yet, bring some sunshine to all those around you with this Carhartt Chase Hoodie in Zest colour way.



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