Welcome to the End of the World... Well one of the possible millions of dates people have predicted. Apparently, the worlds actually going to end in 2012 which is good news because thats not today.

However, just in case you are a believer it's time to get kitted out in a nice outfit, grab a book and wait for the end of days.

I'd go out like this rocking a nice Nixon, Obey hat, Famous Stars & Straps Tshirt, good old Carhartt denims and my fave Nike, the Air Force 1 Premium. Who cares about colour or brand co-ordination? We are all going to die!

Reading the 100 Years of Fashion book to see how it all came to this.

However, this is really whats going on, on 10/10/10...
  • People are rushing to get married hoping that the date will be a lucky one for them.
  • This morning at 10:10 and 10 seconds, it will be 10/10/10 – 10:10:10, the only time that will happen for another 100 years, which is pretty cool
In reality, one of 3 things is going to happen: -
  1. Something good happens - There is absolutely no scientific basis or logical premises for this belief. The belief that something good will happen is based solely on spiritualism, faith, and/or innate optimism. This belief is not necessarily a bad thing as we don’t know everything and the probability is not zero.
  2. Nothing happens - This is the most likely scenario. Just because an unusual date number sequence occurs doesn’t mean that something will happen. Usually it’s a non-event... Word.
  3. Something bad happens - There is absolutely no scientific basis or logical premises for this belief either. The belief that something bad will happen is based solely on pessimism of reality. This belief is not necessarily false though after all, things are generally/usually a mess. The probability is not zero.
You decide...



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