Inspiration pt.2 - Goldie

With the arrival of Benny Gold in Fat Buddha we've definitely got the midas touch, so keeping it golden, what could be more fitting than the inspiration of Goldie.

Most of our younger customers probably think that Goldie is just a reality TV show contestant, go a bit older and they might know him for being one of the pioneers of Drum and Bass or his groundbreaking album Timeless. If you ask those who were into graffiti and hip hop in the eighties, they will give you the true picture of of the biggest figures on the scene and one of the first to cross over into the main stream by featuring on TV shows and in magazines.

He worked in the UK alongside artists like 3D (from massive attack) and fellow b-boy Birdie. He also expanded his horizons through travel and meetings with Afrika Bambatta, and artists like T-Kid and Brim from TATS Crew.

I first saw his work in Spraycan Art (future worlds image above), but he also started popping up on TV, most notably in a Channel 4 documentary called Bombin' (any one got this? I wore my copy of it out!) where he featured heavily and he also produced a large piece for Children in Need 1989.

He continues to produce artwork today and exhibits all over the world and his work strongly shows his graffiti roots.

So if you want to keep your artwork golden, you'd do well to get your hands on some of Montana's finest gold range of paint and markers.

If you just want the golden look, get down to the shop and get hold of the latest Benny Gold range or if you're watching the budget, an Olympic Gold Nike Dunk keyring.



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