Stencil Originality

A lot of people think the only artist producing stencils is Banksy, they obviously haven't checked out Stencil Revolution!

Stencil Revolution should be the first port of call for stencil artists old and new, with a massive gallery of work on and off the streets as well as a very active forum, it will inspire and inform you to get out there and get cutting.

Here's a few images I grabbed from the gallery to show you that it's not all about one colour images of the same old subjects done in the style of Banksy/Blek le Rat.

These images are

It goes to show you that there's a whole lot more to it than you first thought, and if you're on the SR forum, drop by friend of Fat Buddha, Klingatrons gallery and leave a few comments.

We have paint coming out of our ears and in nearly 200 different colours, your sure to find one that you like. There are loads of tutorials online to teach you the basics, but as the pics show, originality is where it's at.



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