Favourite Artists Pt.1

I mentioned in the post about art cars last week that I'm a big fan of Jeff Koons work, so thought I'd share some of his and other artists work I like...

Here's the sculpture that first got me into Jeff Koons....

...it comes in different colours too! I just love the play on scale and also the finish which is total perfection!

Purely for his marketing skills, I'm a huge fan of Damien Hirst. He's not doing anything hugely original, he just makes a much bigger show of it.

I've been into graffiti and street art since before many of our customers were born. I used to spend hours flicking through my copies of Subway Art and Spraycan Art (two books which everyone should have in their collection), these, along with a hip hop video called Electro Rock (a video, or video cassette, is what we used to watch before DVD's came along) got me into the work of the Chrome Angelz (TCA), with artists like Mode 2, Bando and Scribla. Some nice person has made a flickr collection of their work - check it out. If you want to put some perspective on this, this was TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!!

Another big influence was skateboard graphics artists, and they don't come much better than Sean Cliver and Jim Phillips.

I'll need to see Leslie about getting the Jim Phillips book in.



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