Books, books, books

If you didn't already know, we sell books here at Fat Buddha, we're not talking Harry Potter, the latest crime thriller or slushy romantic novel....our selection contains only the finest art, design, culture and style books!

I love books and have a several bookshelves filled at home myself, so here's some of my favourites that we have available in the shop...

Two classic graffiti books I've had since they came out in the eighties are Subway Art and Spraycan Art. These were pretty much the only books around at the time, so groundbreaking and a must for anyone interested in the history of graffiti.

For a more up to date look at graffiti, get yourself a copy of Graffiti World, one of the most comprehensive guides to graffiti from London to Tokyo and everywhere in between.

For all those who like to see what goes on behind the scenes, we just got this really nice book in, 'The Hidden Art of Illustrators, Designers and Creatives' with an insight into the most personal workings of some of the best creatives around.

We've got this great book on the history of skate shoes/footwear called "Made for Skate" which has every skate shoe I ever owned....great memories

We've also got lots of tattoo books, covering traditional tattoos right up to the most contemporary body art going. One to be a sure fire conversation starter if left on your coffee table is the Juxtapoz Tattoo book - amazing tattoos and stunning photography.

Most of the books are only available in store, so next time you're in Glasgow, come down to the shop and check them out, you won't be disappointed. I'll add some more of my favourites to the blog in the coming weeks.

I'm looking forward to Christmas now, as all my family get me books now, they know I appreciate them much more than socks or aftershave.

If I manage to watch my pennies over the next couple of months, I think I'll treat myself to some books from the shop to keep me busy over the festive period, the only problem is which ones????



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