Inspiration - Jim Phillips

I mentioned legendary skate and surf artist Jim Phillips last week, turns out the screaming hand tee is one of Leslie's all time favourites, and I don't blame him as I have one myself!

Jim Phillips has been producing amazing work since the sixties and he's been a huge part of the skate, surf and snowboard scene, producing some of the most memorable designs and inspiring some of the hottest artists around today.

His graphics for Santa Cruz helped them become a dominating force in skateboarding during the eighties, his artwork giving skateboarding a brand in itself.

His monster/demon like creations reference hot rod graphics from guys like Ed Roth.

He carries his unique style into his art and graphic design work.

Jim Phillips artwork has always inspired me and maybe it will do the trick for some of you too. I'll add a few more 'Inspiration' posts over the coming weeks, mainly artists and designers I like, and I'll mention it to the rest of the Fat Buddha team to see who's work inspires them.

In the mean time, get yourself a sketchpad and some art materials.



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