Behind the Scenes

When I started working in Fat Buddha Store a few years ago now I knew nothing about spray paints or painting. Now, while I still don't paint myself, I do notice it a lot more and find myself fascinated by it. Glasgow is smothered in great (and some not so great) pieces.
As some of you know, when I am not working in Fat Buddha I am out taking photos. Last week one of my photo shoots happened to be in Graffiti hot spot, St Peter's Seminary.

So I took the time out while the models where getting make up done to photograph a few of my favourite pieces. I am pretty sure most of the painters get their paint from us too but shhh...

This one is by far my favourite... 

If you are interested in St Peter's please check out the Hidden Scotland page here and also here is a wee creepy video. It looks a little different now because some more of it has collapsed but you will get the gist. PS... This place is very freaky at night.

Check out my website if you are old enough, which is MOSTLY, safe for work to see the photo shoot results and my other work.



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