Art Cars

Following on from yesterdays caligraffiti Mercedes, I did a bit of searching for art cars, which have been around as long as I can remember. So for those who though the Sharpie Lambo, or the Krink mini were the first, we are here to correct you....

BMW were among the first to give one of their new models to artists, and allow them to go to town on them, each with their own unique style....

They have continued this tradition and one of the finest examples I came across was by Jeff Koons...

I might be a bit biased as I love his artwork, but this BMW touring (art) car, leaves me speechless.

Renegade artist, and a big favourite with big corporations (he painted the facebook office walls you know), is David Choe and his car for Mitsubushi.

Muralist and designer Matt W Moore is also getting in on the act with this Vector Graffiti Mini.

Graffiti artist Hense teamed up with Adult Swim and Kia to keep it old school with this town car....

Maybe one day, the manufacturers will realise how amazing a traffic jam would look if all cars were given kick ass paint jobs. Why not grab hold of some markers and spray paint and get that beat up old car sitting in front of your house a hot new look, make the world a better place!



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