I'll Make You Famous

Famous Stars and Straps are one of our newest brands here at Fat Buddha and boy have they hit the ground running!

We just got a big load of new Tshirts from them online here. Check them out! These are my personal favourites: -

They have been doing some great stuff on the blog over there too and most recently with one of our most favourite customers... Hayley Williams! She came in last Christmas, thought the shop was 'Awesome' and I got a hug off her later on after they finished the gig, yay!

Toby Morse of H2O fame recently done this boneless over the above mentioned Haley Williams of Paramore on the newly constructed Brooklyn Projects mini-ramp all while rocking his Famous hoodie. This looks like excellent fun...

Did she survive? Either way she'll make you Famous! Just like Billy The Kid (But of course she did! Phew...)



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