Edwin Denim

Edwin, a name synonoymous with great denim, has been at the forefront of their industry for almost 65 years now. Formed in Japan in 1947, Edwin founder Mr Tsunemi had a real passion and desire for denim, and unable to source it in his native home Japan, he looked to the USA. He begun importing used, dirty denim and laundering and mending them to then sell them onto his customers.
As the japanese manufacturing processes caught up in the late 50's and early 60's and the country began producing their own denim, Mr Tsunemi was unhappy with the expensiveness and the quality and was pushed to produce his own denim.

In 1961, Mr Tsunemi created his first pair of denim jeans under the name Edwin and by 1963 he had produced the worlds heaviest ringspun denim (16oz) which featured Edwin's trademark rainbow selvedge which they continue to use to this day.

 Since then Edwin have constantly been pioneering innovative new methods in denim manufacturing and have been blazing a trail which many other denim manufacturers have followed.

In the 70's Edwin created the 'old wash' designed to replicate rigid denim that had been worn from its raw, rigid state. In the 80's, Edwin invented 'stonewashing', a process which would revolutionise the denim industry and in the 90's Edwin created the 'new vintage' concept which aims to hand replicate vintage washes pre-dating 1947.

Here at Fat Buddha we have long been fans and admirers of the Edwin brand and their beautifully crafted products. We have a wide range of Edwin clothing instore and online and its agreed amongst everyone in the store that their denim is some of the best on the market.

The Rainbow Selvage Nashville denim is a heavy 13.7oz pair of regular cut jeans and of course comes with Edwins signature Rainbow Selvage. These jeans are hardwearing and tough and one of the most popular styles that edwin produce.

The ED-55 is the best selling style of Edwin jeans by far. A more fashion-conscious cut, the ED-55 are a slim fitting jean with a tapered leg. Shown below are the ED-55 in a red selvage denim, again a really tough and durable denim sure to last.

The jewel in the Edwin crown though is undoubtedly the SEN denim from Edwin. Originally produced exclusively for the japanese market, we managed to get a limited run of these denim. Sourced from only the most premium Japanese red selvage denim and constructed entirely in Japan, these are unlike any other selvage jeans. The jean is cut slim, features a back buckle and selvage detailing on the coin and back pockets.


These really will be the best pair of jeans you will ever own, don't hesitate though, as you will likely never see the SEN range on UK shores again.

You can shop the entire Edwin range instore or online here!


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