Music Monday - Distinction

This week's music Monday highlights the new music being produced by dubstep veteran Distinction. Distinction has been heavily involved with the dubstep genre since before it was even a genre, he is seen as the key figure in laying the foundations and pioneering the northern dubstep scene.

With acknowledgement from iconic radio DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, his vast & ever expanding collection of cutting edge dubplates from the scenes leading producers and his excellent mixing skills have allowed Distinction to reach  legendary status in the Northern dance scene.

Distinction has appeared at some of the largest and most popular venues and events around the world including Fabric, DMZ, FWD, Exodus and Sub Dub and has performed in a vast array of countries including USA, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Holland, Estonia & Croatia.

Distinction has appeared back to the forefront of the music blogs recently with his excellent "Re-fix" of Frank Ocean's single "Swim Good" which took one of the standout tracks from Frank Oceans album and remixed it into a futuristic bass-heavy masterpiece, which you can stream above. He also "Re-fixed" Fool's Gold Records alum Danny Brown's "Grown Up" single  in a similar fashion which you can stream below.

Both of these tracks are scheduled to be on Distinction's forthcoming "RSVT" mixtape, keep an ear out for that, its sure to be good!


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