Fiebings Suede & Leather Dye

With the trainer market nearing dizzying heights, getting noticed and standing out with rare and exclusive footwear is simultaneously becoming more difficult which is why it's no surprise that trainer customisation has flourished over the past year or so. One of the main protagonists spear heading this movement is Fiebings Horse & Leather Care Products. Founded in 1895 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fiebings have been manufacturing high end shoe and leather care products for demographics including cowboys and the U.S Cavalry, through to the general public keen on salvaging their worn leather goods back into use.

The suede dye from Fiebings is a professional grade paint which will restore and maintain garments that consist of a rough material, such as nubuck and other grainy articles, to a high standard.

The formula for Fiebings leather dye has remained relatively unchanged over the past few years simply due to the fact that it is so effective. It's this reason that we have ordered a full colour range for use with everything from trainer customisation to handbag and other leather garment restoration. Also in stock we have the deglazer which will prepare any surface before painting or dying as well as daubers for professional application. For more info check out Fat Buddha Store and Fiebing's.


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