Music Monday

This week's musical offering to kick off the week features the music video for BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah's "Ray Gun", Lil Wayne's new mixtape and a Hypetrak interview with rising star Kali Uchis.

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah "Ray Gun" Music Video:
BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah have just released the accompanying music video for their latest track "Ray Gun". The video, directed by Dennis Schroeder, features Odd Future's Left Brain and chronicles the adventures of The Mask. Kitsch visuals take us from a strip club to an alien world. The track is part of the collaborative album, Sour Soul, from Ghostface and BADBADNOTGOOD. Check out the video here before Sour Soul drops on the 24th February.

Lil Wayne - Sorry 4 The Wait:
With no set release date for Lil Wayne's upcoming album The Carter V, he has filled the void by releasing mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait 2. The mixtape features 17 tracks including remixes of songs by JAZ Y, iLoveMakonnen and Beyonce with Drake, Christina Milian and 2 Chainz contributing to the tape. You can dowload the tracks here.

 HYPETRAK Magazine - Volume 1 - Interview with Kali Uchis:
Rising singer Kali Uchis was recently interviewed by by HYPETRAK Magazine about her unconventional route to stardom. Check out excerpt from the interview below or pick up the full magazine here.
What was it like growing up in Virginia with your unique style?
I was very much a loner and everyone thought I was a huge weirdo. School was primarily a social experiment for me. I never took my studies or the students seriously;, I just focused on my art and did,/ wore whatever I wanted.
Does being born in Colombia influence your inspirations?
I am very proud of my Colombian heritage;, it’s been a huge influence. It always made me feel separate from the people around me because I felt no one really understood me, where I came from and how I was raised. My morals and ideas of things always seemed to contrast with my peers, and I embraced that. Reveling in the things that set me apart gave me a sense of what identity meant growing up that I really appreciate now.
So would you consider yourself more American or Colombian?
I consider myself more alien.
Where do you get your eccentric style from?
It’s important to me to always dress better than I feel. Right now pastel colors make me feel happy, they put me in a euphoric place. So I make sure when I look at myself or I’m in my room, I only see pastel colors. I love the ‘60s, it was a time of revolution and social decay. All my favorite films and music comes from that time, it just feels right.
Who and what are your biggest sources of inspiration?
Freedom, love, death and God.
What are you most excited for with your first album release and what are you most nervous about?
I know it will do what I want it to do to whoever has an open mind to it. Hopefully after I die, people will remember me as someone who changed the course of music and inspired them to be free thinkers. A career as a recording artist is not the safest economic decision these days.
How did you decide to pursue a career in this field? Did you trust your instinct when making decisions for it?
Nothing else makes me happy or brings me purpose besides doing this. So really it just comes down to would I rather live a safe, financially stable, miserable life? Or would I rather live a fulfilling, possibly shortened, dangerous life full of extreme ups and downs, adventure, and no guarantees. I know that I can do anything that I want in life so the day I really sat myself down and asked myself what I wanted the answer was clear. I would rather be a hungry weirdo than a boring bitch with a mediocre life, suppressing my passions.
You maintain heavy creative control over your videos, artwork and overall style that many artists do not. Can you explain why that’s so important to you?
I feel like my only real goal out of life is to remain myself and inspire people to embrace themselves and never feel deserving of bigoted hate or oppression. I have my own vision for myself and my music, I have my own vision for the world, and there are a lot of people who don’t have that. They are more comfortable being told what to do and reading the script mindlessly. I have never been comfortable with taking orders. My entire life I have questioned everyone’s perception of “normal” or “cool.” Free thinking and the power of visualization and creativity are the most beautiful things God could ever have given me and it would be disrespectful to not utilize those gifts.


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