Jason Markk Repel - the pinnacle of footwear protection

For a company focused on such a niche area of the market, Jason Markk has undeniably made a gargantuan impact in the footwear maintenance sector. From the simple and practical 'Quick Wipes', to the collaborative efforts with big shots such as Diamond Supply Co. and even Hello Kitty, Jason Markk products deliver affordable, simple and most importantly of all, effective cleaning kits to increase the lifespan of footwear all around the globe. 

Recently announced to join Markks' arsenal is the Repel, a water-based stain repellent designed to create a durable and efficient barrier against potential stains and liquids. The revolutionary Repel defends materials including suede, nubuck, leather, nylon and canvas while having little impact on the look and feel of your footwear.

As well as delivering a safe and environmentally friendly protector, the Repel from Jason Markk also lasts considerably longer when compared to similar products available on the market. For instance one coat of Repel on your Air Max worn daily will last around two entire weeks while less frequently worn footwear will need re-coated bimonthly. For more info check out Fat Buddha Store and the Jason Markk website. To witness the miracle in action check the video below.


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