Carhartt Homewares and Gadgets, Well Designed

Every Season, Carhartt do what no other brand does, they bring out a range of Homewares/Gadgets that gets us all going 'i want that', and there is no cheese involved, all the gadgets are well thought and up to the standard you would expect from Carhartt.

The 'Carhartt Homewares Range' is impressive, and yes it will make your home look better.

Here we have the 'Carhartt Travel Tray', it folds flat when not in use and when required folds together to give you somewhere to leave your valuables whilst out on the road, no more leaving htem in drawers or scattered around the hotel room, keep them all in one place.
Not just for traveling we must add, it does the job back at home, and would it not be quite good to have one of these to drop your wallet/keys/coins/travel pass/watch etc and have it all in the one place ???? Yes we think so

What time is, yes its time for a cuppa, and what better than the is 'Carhartt Mug in Cypress Green', we all love a cuppa and this mug will have you looking cool and the smartest coffee/tea drinker out there.

Stationery, is our favourite area, and when we heard that Carhartt had teamed up with Merchant Mills to produce a great pair of scissors, the 'Carhartt x Merchant Mills Scissors' have all the hallmarks of a well designed product, the colouring, the branding, and if you need to own a pair of scissors, then this is the pair of scissors for you.

So, Carhartt do what other brands should do, make homewares that we want, we are not all kids living at home, we want nice stuff for our nice homes and Carhartt help make this possible.

Vie the Full Carhartt clothing range HERE.


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