Anyone for some Tea in The Park?

Hey, it's Mark and I'll be blogging once a week for Fat Buddha...
That time of year again where we all decamp to a big field in Fife to get soaked, drunk and deaf-it's T in the Park. Most of my T in the Park experiences tend to be rolled into one big hazy mash of partying and music. Oh, and mud.
It's also kinda important to look good even if you are wading in mud that makes the Somme look like a light drizzle. At Fat Buddha just now we have these smart and funky wellies for ladies who want to keep their feet dry and still look fresh this weekend:

That's my picks but there's another five styles in them...and only £19! Sizes run UK4-7...
I also want to draw attention to a previous post by Leslie:
From Sunday 6th July:
Been corrected by Mark who works in the shop, who pointed out the way the building collapsed and the fact the BBC anounced it before it happened meant the conspiracy theory is spot on, you decide.
Just wanted to note that Leslie may have been wrong about something. This is unusual due to his usually correct statements/stubborness, so I thought I'd bring it up. Probably gonna be my first and last blog this one...
Obligatory self-promotion: for more deranged ranting.


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