Wanted Movie Review

Went to see this cool lil film last night, had heard some good reports and it didn't disappoint, thing i cant believe is how sexy Jolie looked, never really got her before but wow she does look stunning and Jame's american accent was pretty impressive.
Well worth spending the money to see this flick, some reviews grabbed from metacritic for you to digest

The Hollywood Reporter Michael Rechtshaffen

This over-the-top, ultraviolent, hyperkinetic action thriller pretty much has it all.

New York Magazine David Edelstein

It takes about an hour after it's over for the heart to slow, the brain to recalibrate, and the nonsensicalness of the thing to sink in.

Portland Oregonian Shawn Levy

Bekmambetov revs it up furiously and unleashes one bit of hyperactive, dazzling invention after another. The result is a throwaway wrapped up in the coolest packaging imaginable, which is acres better than the opposite.

Baltimore Sun Michael Sragow

What's bleakly hilarious about the whole movie is that Bekmambetov directs the nonaction scenes just as hyperbolically.

Time Richard Corliss

The summer's zazziest action movie.

Empire Kim Newman
Not as dark as its source material, Wanted works exceptionally on its own terms. McAvoy crashes the A-list, Jolie finally gets to be as big a star on screen as she has been in print, and Bekmambetov proves the most exciting action-oriented emigré since John Woo.

Variety Todd McCarthy
Like it or not, Wanted pretty much slams you to the back of your chair from the outset and scarcely lets up for the duration.

Film Threat Pete Vonder Haar

For all of its shortcomings, Wanted is a strangely enjoyable flick.

Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

The way to enjoy this film is to put your logic on hold, along with any higher sensitivities that might be vulnerable and immerse yourself as if in a video game.

Rolling Stone Peter Travers

Brutal, sexy, built to thrill and minus a scintilla of redeeming social value, the movie -- based on a series of comic books by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones -- explodes like summer fireworks.

Premiere Malina Saval

If you're looking for memorable dialogue and gripping drama, then you better get in line for another flick. But if it's spellbinding special effects and high-wire acts you crave, Wanted should be at the top of your list for big budget thrill rides.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Sean Axmaker

Jolie steals the film from nominal star McAvoy in the wild gunfight and dynamically absurd chase that kick Wanted into high gear. Her wicked moves and seductive smirk brand her immediately as a true believer who really, really loves her work.

Charlotte Observer Lawrence Toppman

His movies are thrilling and ridiculous in equal measure, and I often laughed with incredulous approval as he wreaked havoc.

Entertainment Weekly Lisa Schwarzbaum
Best of all, there's a lot of Jolie, barrels blazing. The star's fearlessly sexy hauteur is unique in the biz today. And when she works it in Wanted, she kills, bullets optional.

ReelViews James Berardinelli

There are times when the film is flat-out silly (such as the spinning car assassination), but that's part of the movie's charm. At its worst, Wanted is never boring. At its best, it can be damn close to intoxicating. One word, written without apology, describes it best: fun.

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Rick Groen

This is a blockbuster busting out of the block; this is a Hollywood staple served up on a European platter; this is summertime fare with a wintry verve.

New York Post Kyle Smith

Wanted is like a 12-armed heavy-metal drummer after a case of Red Bull, flailing and thundering through two hours of impossible action.

Wall Street Journal Joe Morgenstern

Before Wanted reaches the end of its wild course, the violence that's been nothing but oppressive becomes genuinely if perversely impressive; the ritual carnage becomes balletic carnage (railroad cars included); the Walter Mitty-esque hero, Wesley, played by James McAvoy becomes a formidable enforcer of summary justice, and Mr. McAvoy, most memorably the young doctor in "The Last King of Scotland," becomes a certified star.

Los Angeles Times Sam Adams

Wanted's hyperkinetic antics are sometimes weighed down by a surfeit of adolescent misanthropy. But the adrenaline-overdose strategy works for viewers as well as hit men. As long as Bekmambetov keeps the pedal to the metal, you don't notice the rotten scenery outside.


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