Rick Reuben

Anyone you knows me will know ill buy an album just cause this man has produced it, i have been buying his music since '87 when i bought 'Electric' by the cult.
Everything hetouches turns to gold, as of late he has been working his magic with the legendary Neil Diamond with amazing results, he also brought Johnny Cash out of the wilderness and made him ubercool again.
Dont forget about the Dixie Chicks, that album is fantastic, he won a stack of awards for that record and you can listen to it a gazillion times and it still sounds good.

1987 Electric - The Cult.
If you listen to 'The Manor Sessions' and you'll quickly see what Rick Reuben does very well, the manor sessions were the cults first attempt with Steve Jones at Electric, all jangly guitars and OTT vocals, he comes in strips out all the shite and the Cult are now a hard rock band and huge.
'Love Removal Machine' still makes me smile, i played Electric to death and rocked it for a year, this album launched the Cult onto the world stage and they have the man to thank for it.
Their following albums never captured the rawness Rick brought to the table and success eluded them.

1988 Danzig - Danzig.
Danzig's first album blew my mind, 'Mother' must be the best ever song and Glen Danzig's vocals always reminded me of Jim Morrison, this is metal at its best baisc form. Nights at the Venue head banging to 'Mother', so that was me introduced to Danzig and have loved them ever since.

1988 South Of Heaven - Slayer
I had never heard anything like it, South of Heaven is a great song and this was Metal Drummers at their best, we listened to this every day, glad they had shifted from the faster pace of previous albums and pushed Lombardos drumming to the fore, loved this album.

1989 Live Fast Die Fast - Wolfsbane.
Wolsbane were one of those bands you find supporting another band and take them as your own, me and my best mate billy went to see 'The Almighty' at rooftops on Sauchiehall St and Wolfsbane openened for them, the energy of Blaze Bailey blew me away and Jays guitar playing was outstanding, so every record and every gig i was at, Wolsbane were the balls, this album was fantastic.
I like it hot was the single that wired me, i listened to this every day and still listen to it on a weekly basis, the video is cool and you need to check it out.
What did Blaze do, he didnt just go and join Iron Maiden, what a pure prick, i was gutted, and Wolsbane were history, what a cock.

1990 Danzig II - Danzig.
This album was like nothing you had ever heard before, the production, the blues twist and Glen voice made this album one that will never age, this was the pinacle of Danzig, they were the bollocks at this point. Seen them at the Barras and creamed myself, Glen was Mr Metal.
This album can still be listened to time and time again and doesnt age at all, the vocals are sublime and the blues feel that pervades the record works well with the vocals.

1991 Nobody Said It Was Easy - The Four Horsemen.
Introduced to this band by my mate DJ Billy Moat, he was and still is the DJ at the Cathouse, he managed to find all the good bands first, he sold this album as the best album AC/DC never made, haggis form the cult was here and the vocals were spot on. Great tunes and rockin guitar riffs, The Four Horsemen were a band to watch out for, BUT never done anything of note again. Stephen harris aka kid chaos, aka harris never really made another record after this, seems a pity.

1991 Blood Sugar Sex Magic - The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Everyone liked the Chilis but it was this album that sent them stratospheric, i first got into them when they released Higher Ground and my friend Cindy sent me the single on 'Cassette' yes they used to release singles on cassettes. Higher Ground got me hooked, i had no idea who stevie wonder was but loved the single and the bass riff from flea was the bomb.
Under the Bridge could be the best song they ever wrote and it does bring on an emotion in me every time i listen to it.

1992 Danzig III How the Gods Kill - Danzig
Although this was the best selling album, this album was the one where Danzig lost its shine for me, some great sonegs like Sistinas, Dirty Black Summer, Left Hand Black didnt make it poor, just a bit to dark and to much like Doom Metal.

1994 American Recordings - Johnny Cash
Didnt really know who Johnny Cash was except an old country singer, the thing that got me interested was GLen Danzig had wrote the song 'Thirteen' specifically for Mr Cash, this album took a while to sit with me, but over the years its become one of the albums i always revert to in times of emotional crisis.


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