Footpatrol returns

The legendary sneaker boutique called Footpatrol will make a re-appearance after being bought by JD Sports.
JD Sports signed a deal last week to buy the business, Jd Sports Fashion Bigwig Barry Brown said he was seeking a larger location for Footpatrol in central London, and the new store would stock both footwear and clothing.

Brown said he had no plans for a major roll-out (aye right), but smaller satelite stores ould open at a later date. 'We want to keep the Footpatrol brand integrity to its highest level' he explained, JD & Brand integrity in the one sentance, not usually found together but im sure he has the brands integrity at heart.

Its the old pyramid retailing at its very best, they have JD Sports in hundreds of locations pumping out sportswear to the masses, white trainer and shell suit city.
Then they have Size, selling a better mix of footwear, quickstrike ltd edition product and a good mix of clothing, for the more discerning buyer and appealing to the streetwear guys.
Then there is Footpatrol, it will sell the legendary 'Tier 0' Nike range, the holy grail for all sneaker stores, so holy, there is only 1 in the UK at Dover Street Market.

JD have been incredibly smart, built up size in suh a way and with a good look that the brands have confidence that their product will be presented in the right environment.

So another independant retailer dies a death, but lives on under the guise of the multiples, indicitave of current retailing onditions, but hey ho.


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