Blog gets some new blood


Noticed that since we started posting this blog regularly we have had 920 hits in 6 weeks as opposed to 405 in the first 5 months. To conitinue on this theme i have enlisted the help of more of the Fat Buddha crew to keep the content regular and the topice diverse.

Tuesday - Our Blogger will be our favourite sponsored toy customiser Dinosauria (thomas), what Thomas does not know about toys and Customising aint worth kowing, hell be telling you about new releases and his work in progress, visit him at

Thursday - Mark Buckland, Writer, club night promoter, publisher, Fat Buddha worker and all round nice guy will be imparting his pearls of wisdom to you, his writing is sharp and his political comentries can draw blood.

Saturday - Young Calum Gilmartin, Sunday Boy will for the day stop chasing all the underage girls of ayrshire, stop his Graffiti and post a few of his favourite things, word from the street, ha.

Sunday - Janice, my older sister and the person who keeps the store in tip top shape will be giving us her views, remember shes in a womans drumming group and a keen advocate of the poverty alliance movement, she be prepared.

Mon, Wed & Fri ill be giving you new items, things to buy, interesting news items and some other thoughts.

Dont forget, is where its at, best products, delivered next day, and all done for the love of it.

leslie x


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