Home made funk now comes in FOUR flavours

If any of you have checked out my Blog then you probably already know about the Resin Rising Experiment. Initially this project included work by three different artists but I'm very happy to announce that the roster has been increased.... So who is the new mystery artist? Well technically it's actually 2 artists, OK let's just get it out in the open. I'm very happy to announce that Peskimo are the final addition to the RRE season one!! David and Jodie are two VERY talented UK artists so click through to check out their amazing work and be sure to check out their wares and make some choice purchases. I have quite a few Peskimo pieces and prints so I know for sure that you won't be disappointed!!

If you check out Fat Buddha Store (either the brick and mortar store or the online side) you'll see the recent Peskimo Bamboo Zoo series put out by Kid Robot. Add a touch of Peski-madness to your day!!
There are still a few sets of the 8" Three Bears Dunnys from TADO, Jon Burgerman and ilovedust available too so be sure to snag them before I get hold of them and strip them bare. :D

It's great to see these very talented UK artists getting the recognition they deserve.
Stay tuned for more news and maybe even a few reviews every Tuesday.


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