Bound for Brooklyn...

Mark here. Leaving a week today for Brooklyn, NYC and cannot wait. Be a shame to be away from everyone for August but...I am going to New York. I suppose that's a consolation.

Anyway, I'll be blogging on while I'm over there about a mix of things: New York streetlife, fashion, gigs, basketball and much more jibberish. Thought I'd introduce a little bit of the area where I'm staying-Crown Heights.

Above you can see classic examples of "brownstone" style housing common in much of Brooklyn, particularly Crown Heights. Most of this housing was built in the 1880s when Crown Heights was a very affluent area. White flight hit it hard through the 20th century and it turned into a no-go area for several decades.

Now it's regenerating slowly but surely and the diversity of the people coupled with the great but cheap housing means it's surely going to be a great area to live in. It's home to one of the largest Hasidic Jewish schools outside Israel and there is a large Jewish population to go with the majority African American population.

Real mix of local delis, Rasta restaurants, vacant buildings, clubs and pubs and nice spots to hang out. 

Go on and check out the street view of Union St for where I'll be living. 

I'll leave you with this video presenting a bit more of the area. Put on Jay Z's "Brooklyn's Finest" and when he gets to the Crown Heights shoutout, think of this wee Scottish boy, pale as a pint of milk, struggling in the 100 degree heat and telling taxi drivers to watch out because "I'm walkin' here."




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