Neil Diamond 'Home Before Dark'

This album conitinues where the last one left off, and is sublime, Rick Reuben is a master, if he could only sit Rod Stewart down and perform id genius on him, id die a happy man.

Bought this lil beauty in my local Asda, saturday night and im buying Neil Diamond albums & Chocolate ice cream, not the most rock n roll saturday night, but in fairness none of them ever are.
If you do edecide to buy an album then it needs to be this one, fantastic sound and some of the best songs this year
Hartford Courant

Like much of Diamond's canon, these songs are rich with melodramatic flare-ups.
NOW Magazine

This is understated folk pop, and as a result, some may be disappointed by the lack of big pop hooks. However, for those of us who always found Diamond overwrought and too extroverted, this restraint is refreshing and welcome.
All Music Guide

Home Before Dark offers aesthetic proof that "12 Songs" was no fluke. This is a much stronger, less "civilized" album.

Fans of dramatic Diamond are well taken care of here. But the real masterpieces are the opening and closing tracks. [June 2008, p.104]
Observer Music Monthly

The songs are deeper and richer than on 2006's "12 Songs," but still naked and raw.
Some of it is as good as anything Diamond has done.
Q Magazine

Home Before Dark offers a dignified and, yes, hip addition to the Neil Diamond canon. [July 2008, p.110]

While not quite as revealing and rewarding as its 2005 cousin, the new album will certainly please fans of Rubin and Diamond's stark-yet-comfy acoustic direction.
Boston Globe

This year's model is not quite as stark or stirring as its predecessor; the emphatic melodic thrusts and vocal bravado of "Whose Hands Are These" and "No Words" will resonate with fans of Diamond's adult-contemporary glory.
Slant Magazine

The result is an album of the kind of sophisticated pop that proves that such exemplary songcraft should always be relevant.
The Onion (A.V. Club)
It's sure to please its predecessor's fans, but the filler-to-killer ratio here is skewed a little too far in the wrong direction.


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