G63C Paint Job with Monster Paint

Stephen Cole contacted the store a few weeks ago asking for paint to paint his gun, strange request at first, but after a few hic-ups, he got the paint he needed to complete the job and below are the pictures from the afore mentioned painted gun.

'Stephen has on his second attempt done a great job, good use of colour and a great blending has been achieved, just shows how well he progressed from his first try'

Just goes to show the versatility of Monster Paint, it does indeed adhere to metal, plastic, wood, canvas and all manner of substances.

Stephen is a memeber of a group called http://themadhatters.redkingcole.co.uk/index.html , give their website a visit and relish in the photos.

Just shows you that Monster Paint is not just about Graffiti.


kingcole said…

There are indeed some great pics of us to browse. You can also check out our team website.


We are not crazy just a bunch of growen men running round playing army.

Give it a go its great.

Also I dont want to sound like a sales man hear but the monster paints were great to use. Good coverage with the ability to create finer details close up.

Cheers All

Steve C

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