Spring Court at Fat Buddha Store

Another great addition to our ever growing brand list at Fat Buddha Store is Spring Court Footwear.
Theodore Grimmeisen, cooper by trade, decided in 1870 to leave Alsace native France to stay in Paris at the end of the Franco-Prussian War . He moved to Paris in the Belleville area and there he built a factory. His son was striving to improve the sealing of his barrels and developed prototypes that used rubber plugs and was particularly interested in this material. The son of Theodore, George Grimmeisen, invented in 1930 a rubber boot molded in one piece, so it was watertight , made feasible by a manufacturing process using compressed air to strip his boots.
In 1936 , wishing to practice his favorite sport, tennis, Georges invented the brand Spring Court. "Spring" for "spring" and "Short" for tennis clay. A revolutionary and ventilated cotton canvas shoe with a rubber vulcanized sole. The shoe, designed to play on clay was quickly adopted by many players. Georges Grimmeisen died in 1956 at the age of 46 years. Theodore Louis, his brother continued the development of the brand until 1980. Grimmeisen Theodore, son of George, is current president of the company and in 1990 he sold the trademark license to Apple company Rautureau Shoes. Today, and since August 2012, the license of the brand Spring Court is entrusted to the Royer Group.
The 1960s were years of boiling, in all areas. For the first time, sports shoes were worn outside of sports arenas. It shows John Lennon on the cover of the legendary album Abbey Road and during his marriage to Yoko Ono continually sporting Spring Court shoes. Iconic shoe of singer Serge Gainsbourg , Spring Court became a French myth among both individuals and the population as a whole. Spring Court since its inception has sold over 25 million pairs of tennis shoes. In the 1990s, Rautureau reposition the brand to fashion. The Spring Court style started revisiting urban cultures and absorbing influences. The G2 has not changed since its birth in 1936, it has been re done in hundreds of different fabrics and finishes. Tower to tower or pop arty, leather or velvet tigress or flakes, sober or extroverted, Spring Court remains a medium of expression. From a unique and timeless design it is the spirit of an era. Fashion changes, but the model, it is unalterable.
We currently have the Spring Court G2 model in three different colour options, the classic White, Thunder and Midnight all in store and online at Fat Buddha Store now. You can check out some pics below.


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