Lacoste L!ve

One of the latest brands to join our ever growing brand roster here at Fat Buddha Store is Lacoste Live! Lacoste first officially christened its newest line Lacoste L!ve when it was launched on the runway in New York in 2009, where it was dubbed RED! after the bright and bold colour of the exclamation point juxtaposed to the crocodile logo.

Lacoste L!ve keeps that signature ‘!’, which asserts its uniqueness, its difference and its identity. The line is very much a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic Lacoste shapes. Destined for an audience who refuses to compromise on look, quality or cut. A directional line focused on clothing and footwear that forges ahead while respecting its roots. Lacoste L!ve also pays tribute to the impact and importance of cultural trends such as music on fashion.

The first Lacoste L!ve collection for men under its freshly minted name was unveiled in Berlin on 7 July., Lacoste L!ve also seen its first shop open its doors in Soho during the US Open and just before New York Fashion Week in September. A total of about 60 LACOSTE L!VE shops are planned, with Paris, London, Berlin and Zurich slated to open in the next few months.

We are very pleased to welcome the brand to Fat Buddha Store, so keep your eyes peeled over the next week for all the new arrivals.


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