Going Out - Thomas Bullock (Rub N Tug) At The Berkeley Suite

If your not at T In The Park this weekend, and your out on the town there is only one party to be at this Saturday night (Sat 13th July) and that's at The Berkeley Suite with Thomas Bullock (Map Of Africa/Rub N Tug/ Thomas Of England) and DJ Billy Woods (Supermax).

Most commonly known for his participation in the Rub’N’Tug psychedelic disco machine alongside Eric Duncan, Thomas' career in music stretches all the way back to late 80s Cambridge where he was a part of the “legendary” Tonka party crew alongside long term aficionado DJ Harvey – the two would later record together as Map Of Africa on the Whatever We Want label.

Thomas Bullock has been a resident of the USA since the early 90s, first pitching up in San Francisco and gaining reputation as part of the “Wicked” collective then moving to New York City and inadvertently starting electroclash as part of A.R.E Weapons, before focusing on less risible musical endeavors under a multiplicity of names including Welcome Stranger and Otterman Empire. One of the more engaging characters in contemporary electronic music, Thomas recently elected to return to England, as he discussed in an illuminating appearance on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space show last year.

Electing to call himself Tom Of England is clearly in reference to his recent Trans-Atlantic move, whilst the STD Records name is not only a slightly facetious one but apparently also a nod to Sunday T Dance, the “string of delirious parties” held at Bullock’s New York loft in the period before he left. Just to muddy matters somewhat, Thomas has previously used the STD brand to release a highly limited one off twelve inch under The Hankins Mountaineers name which was pressed up for release at a party hosted at NYC record shop Dope Jams.

The label has three Tom of England records primed for release in the near future, with each focused squarely on the spotters badge end of disco edits.

Hot off the heels of his performance at the Wicked 22nd reunion party in San Francisco at the weekend and the recent Rub’N’Tug tour of Japan and known as much for his enthusiastic and unpredictable late night sets as he is for his impeccable taste and range across the wild tangents music has to offer we welcome back to Glasgow… THOMAS BULLOCK!

Support is in the form of rising star DJ Billy Woods who’s Supermax night has been causing a sensation at the Berkeley Suite of late, as has his recent edit work which has been receiving plays from Thomas, DJ Harvey, Tim Sweeney & Idjut Boys. Billy provided Rub’N’Tug with their Glaswegian debut back in 2005 and helped organize Thomas’s incredible and unforgettable first appearance at the Berkeley Suite last year! Thomas is soon to be releasing Billy’s super extended 40 minute re-edit of Le Club’s “Front page news” as a limited double vinyl release art piece on his STD record label.

Billy will be installing his special ‘Bozak’ mixer for the night and providing a few audio tweaks to ensure max aural pleasure! Come see what Thomas Bullock does best and join in a journey through time and space like never before…


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