Converse - Shoes Are Boring, Wear Sneakers

One of our favourite brands here at Fat Buddha Store and one of the most iconic brands of the 20th century, till present day has to be Converse. The good folks at the brand commissioned renowned Glasgow based Graffiti artist Smug to paint an ad for the brand, using the Converse Jack Purcell slogan "Shoes are boring, wear sneakers". 

Smug is known for specialising in characters and photo-realistic graffiti, and around Glasgow you see lots of his work scattered around the city.  Since discovering graffiti 15 years ago Smug's work quickly grew into a perfectionist's obsession with heavy line work, letters and characters which has developed into a more photo-realistic style that has been exhibited widely.  Smug's paintings are meticulously rendered works which draw upon an eclectic range of influences, often making uncomfortable subjects into stunning pieces on canvas and in industrial and abandoned settings. You can check out some pics of the piece below. 

Our images don't do it justice so if your in Glasgow pop by the store to check it out. Also keep your eyes peeled for some great new Converse dropping soon at Fat Buddha Store. You can browse the Converse range here.


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