Travelling around the Rules

Recently, there's been a lot of basketball posts up here-shoes, pointless interview bits from me-lots. I love basketball, one of my favourite sports. 

I also undertand that the NBA is big business and in a big business, you want the things that make you money to be covered in the media lots. You want your product on highlight film. You want your products to become bywords for excellence and for must see viewing.

LeBron James, I think it's easy to say, is the best basketball player in the world right now. He is at such a level that he makes the Kobe's, Dirk's, D-Wade's, Chris Paul's etc of this world look ordinary. 

Look at this:

That is an utterly absurd piece of play. However, LeBron, not to criticise you (I myself only had a 14.7 points average in my 15 year NBA career) but you might want to watch this educational stuff.

My point is that there are rules for normal players in these massive sports leagues (Champions League, NBA, NFL etc) then there's rules for the stars-the Ronaldos, LeBrons and Mannings of this world. Heck, even Jordan occasionally got away with three steps.

This is a pretty well known fact, but is it right to put stars above the game itself?


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