Rising Prices Kikstyo RIP

The pound is shot to hell, 1 for 1 with the euro, $1.4 against the dollar, not so long ago it was $2 to the pound, it wont affect most people, but you are going to see price rises, any goods bought from the states, Japan, China & Europe will rise for sure.

Montana paint is now 30p a can dearer this month, Monster Paint is now 10p a can dearer, Kid Robot toys are now £ for $ ie where a toy is $50, its now £50, whereas before it was £35, tough love.

So the first casualty is Kikstyo, got my delivery this morn, looked at the invoice and had to send the delivery back, a real shame but when a t/shirt moves from being a £35 to a £50 T, its the end of the road.

Not the brands fault, not the middle mans fault, not my fault, the T is the same price in yen as it was last year, just converting to £'s screws it, so with a heavy heart we have had to drop Kikstyo till the pound recovers, when that will be is anyones guess.
Kikstyo where my fave brand, who doesn't love a cute lil jap girl half naked, end of.


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