Stencil Layers

Hi guys, This week is about stencils. Above is a Bush stencils, and the different layers. This is an excellent example of the process to making you own stencil. I found this on a website, it's not my own work but it's awesome. Fat Buddha will be Doing stencil gear soon so check the website or come in store.

Thanks for reading, Calum.


Anonymous said…
Great example of multilayer stenciling
Anonymous said…
fake ass graph store!!
Graph, did you mean Graff by chance, get an education and learn to spell.
Anonymous said…
Can you make one with Obama?
Unknown said…
hi hope you can help me av been looking for stencils of British MPs prime minister new and old don't seem to be able to get any can only get Yankee ones when ours r as bigger wankers as the rest as you can probabley tell am fxckin at the end of the road now thay will never give us our freedom so we will take it so could do with sum for the marchers am trying to get together it thanks kevtwin
I came across a tutorial which pretty much explains how its done, materials required, image sourcing and editing

There are loads on youtube too if you prefer video tutorials.

Check out stencil revolution for some hints and tips too.

Unknown said…
This does not make sense to me:( Shouldn't this be a stencil of Obama with "Worst President"?
.....and the same will probably be said about the next one, and the one after that, and so on.

Obama could do no wrong a couple of years back, I suppose it goes with the territory.

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