Obama Sham

First up, sorry for the lack of a post last week. Thursday was my birthday, a grand old 22, so I figured I'd take a breather.

Now, ranting service resumes.

Obama. I am utterly disgusted with him.

Obama, he was elected months ago. He sat around on his hands doing nothing. So I thought, "Give him the benefit of the doubt, he needs time, even Jesus kicked it for thirty years before busting out."

Now? He was inaugurated on the 20th of January. What has he achieved since then?

Nothing. Nothing, I say it again, nothing.

He's been in almost 10 days and I'm still waiting.

Let me analyse this further. First up, there was the inauguration itself. There was no celestial beings descending him on a cloud woven from pure silk as promised, nor was there a talking burning Bush in sight, nor was there any confirmation he was found among the reeds on the banks of the Chicago River as a child. There was not even a lousy parting of the crowd at Mall of America for a finale.

If this man had any decency, he would have at least walked through the 2 million strong crowd so that a chosen few could touch his technicolour dreamcoat and anoint his hallowed head.

So here we are, ten days in and...what? Day one, the minimum he could have done is cured AIDS. Maybe he could have ended all war, but I was willing to wait for that-it's a new job after all.

What has he done? Closed Guantanamo Bay? Ended CIA secret prisons? Unveiled a stimulus plan of $800billion plus? Pathetic.

A metaphor involving bread, wine or fish would be passable at this point. He couldn't even be bother overturning the table in Congress and declaring how it was the house of his father. Didn't even walk on the Michigan Lake.

Honestly, you ask for a passable saviour and what do you get? Pull the finger out Obama-it'd better be one that raises the dead and cures leprosy at twenty paces.




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