Say YES! to loud music!

Just got this from the notorious house-music evangelist Chef DeParty, and thought it warranted a repost. Help us keep live music loud!
It seems the government is thinking 'what better way to start the New Year, than to take another God given right away from everyone!’

Yes that’s right the Government are trying to pass legislation to force all entertainment venues to have noise control limiters fitted. This means the end of live music, nightclubs etc as we know it! No more oversized collection of speakers, no more massive F1 and Turbo stacks, no more throwing club nights the way we want! I'm sure I'm not speaking for myself when I say that when I go to a club, the last thing on my mind is being able to stand in front of the stack with a cup of tea, chatting about Antiques Roadshow - I wanna actually hear and feel the music the way it should be heard!

Please, please, please, take a minute to sign this petition. This is just one more thing to add to the list that the Government feels that they should be in control of. It won't take long to sign up, and please hurry as the cut off date is 23rd January! STAND UP, AND BE HEARD!

Once again: CUT OFF DATE: JANUARY 23rd 2009!!!
If you like live music, and want to make a stand, then please sign up!!!



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