I <3 Halo 3

Hi guys, What a horrible week I've had. My prelims are next week so it's been 5 days of excessive revision... Yawn! with a few games of Halo in between. Last week I said that my xbox wouldn't connect to live, but now thanks to my Very good friend Jonny Watters <<<< massive big up!! he sorted the problem and I'm back on line. I've been playing on and off for about 6 months and i have finally reached the rank of Major, which isn't that high but you get a cool badge. Sad I know but its addictive. So my blog this week is a tribute to jonny and Halo 3 for helping me get through this week.

This isn't a flattering picture of my main man, but it reminds me of Pedro from napoleon dynamite so its going up for a laugh. Below is Pedro.

Halo 3, the greatest game ever! Below is a montage made by a guy called Blunts, it shows a kill called a stick, this is when you throw a sticky grenade, and its sticks to your opponent, simple to understand but tricky to master. If anybody out there has an Xbox 360, Halo 3, and thinks they can give me a run for my money, leave a comment and ill give you my gamer tag.

Thanks for reading, Calum.


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