I can't help but like Rex the Dog for taking all the best bits of the 80s and regurgitating them into a giant ball of awesome. His new single, Bubblicious, is definitely a winner and the video is undoubtedly a peach.

It almost makes you want to forgive him for his atrocities committed in the 90s under the JX moniker: catchy numbers like 'Son of a Gun', and 'There's Nothing I Wont Do' . Hard to believe its the same guy, but thankfully he's been able to go back in time and take the good bits from the 80s to undo some of the damage he did in the 90s.

If you like Bubblicious, definitely check out the new(ish) album 'The Rex the Dog Show', or if that sounds like too much of a commitment, download the 5 minute minimix recorded last year on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show.



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