Addict Clothing, gonna go bust this year ??

I heard a rumour last month about Addict going bust one point soon, didnt sound like it couldn't happen and id guessed as much from looking at recent ranges.

3 things have confirmed that they will go bust, here goes.

1 - Never seen so much Addict Clothing in TK Maxx, i know they have been using it as a dumping ground for ages, but im talking tons of shit in TK Maxx, complete size breaks, complete colour options, whole styles, loads of jackets.

Why is there so muh in TK Maxx, simple, Addict only order what retailers pick, so that way they dont need to guess the market or sit on excess stock.
People always cancel orders but the level of stock they dumped into TK Maxx indicates far worse problems, talking lots of cancelled orders, either from retailers going bust or more likely retailers realising the range is poor, doesn't sell and they cancel the order.

2 - Scanned 35 retailers i knew from recent times as Addict stockists, half werent doing addict and the rest, couldnt work out how much was just old stock they had lying around, so thats roughly over 50% of wholesale accounts dropped the brand.
ASOS, must be one of Addicts biggest acounts have the whole range at between 50%-70% off, they dont redue by that much unless the stuff is not shifting as much, they will drop Addict next season for sure, when they do, thats a huge chunk of your business oot the windae.

3 - Received the Catalogue for Autumn Winter 2009, good looking book and up to Addicts usual standard, they have always had a great name for producing excellent catalogues.
Delve into the catalogue and its the same as every other catalogue from the past 3 years, same styles, same terrible knitwear, same poor shirts, stupidly priced Denims and the usual copies of pieces from the Carhartt range.
I went through it to see what i would order for the store, a C-Law T, She one T and that was it, Addict have never managed to get ladies right, it is to put it mildly shit, the denim range was great at one point, then the prices went stupid and never had a pair since.

So thats my 3 reasons for Addict going pop.
Its hard enough out there, check our customer testimonials to see how well we treat our customers, Addict could not ever do that as they regularly treat their wholesale customers like shit, this is first hand experience.


Anonymous said…
i disagree with this, the reason there i so much addict stuff in tk maxx is that quite simply as a non entity but aliving breathing maxx is quite simply an "addict" at its soul

lots o love, the urban harry kreeshna
Anonymous said…
we dropped Addict a few years back and I agree with what you are saying. They treated us like shit and what goes around comes around. Only time will tell if you are right
Anonymous said…
Personally, i agree, Karma is gonna bite Davids arse, he thought he was the British Stussy, but if i see one more piece of camo,
Anonymous said…
I was an Addict stockist for a whole season. Never again.

Never had so much hassle and the arrogance of the people who work
Glad, that it isn't just me left with a sour taste from dealing with Addict.

David quite easily forgot about all the small stores that supported Addict and then stopped bothering with the customer.

Its hard out there,
Anonymous said…
well we had addict at our store and the a/w 08 range did absolutely awful, i dnt knw whether we picked the wrong range or not but it did not sell well at all. i phoned up james to let him know i had to cancel the holiday 08 drop as i had too much stock left. they then told me to send back all the stuff tht hadnt sold so tht if i had stock in the shop then the new stuff wud be better and i shit u not, apart from one of the rogue status jackets and 2 flannel shirts, everything is gone. that was well good of them cos volcom tried to push the holiday drop onto me, saying tht i should take it and they would just refund what does not sell later, i wasnt comfortable with that. so im giving addict a break cos they gave me one... karma init
Anonymous said…
for the above comment, just so u knw, i mean theres only a few items left from the holiday 08 drop they sent me... meaning it was a lot better then the previous line
Yup, thats pretty good of Addict, nothing worse than having tons of a brand sitting there, knowing theres even more of it just round the corner, i had it with MHI and it crippled me.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
David is a right bellend. Thinks he is the shit. He is a right nonce. The whole company are shit and their clothes fall to bits.
Krispy said…
Any update on them as they been well quiet for years. I'm guessing they went bust like you've suggested. But they still have their website running with a small selection of bits.

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