The only Recession proof Business

In this time of doom and gloom, companies from everywhere are posting losses its good to know that there are some companies out there that can buck the trend and show an increase in sales, not like the following few.

Alexon (AXN.L) Clothing Like-for-like sales down 10.5 pct in 23 weeks to Jan 3

Blacks Leisure Outdoor goods Like-for-like sales down 3.9 pct in 6(BSLA.L) weeks to Jan. 3

EBTM (EBTM.L) Online fashion Net sales at online retail division down 33 pct in December

House of Fraser Department stores Like-for-like sales down 1.5 pct in 5 weeks to Jan. 3

John Lewis [JLP.UL] Department stores Like-for-like sales excluding VAT flat in 5 weeks to Jan. 3

In this time of despair, who can prevail, the mighty GREGGS, Like-for-like sales up 5.3 pct in 4 weeks to Jan. 3.Everyone loves greggs, steak beak, sausage roll, yum yum bubble gum, good to see that the whole unhealthy eating thing doesn't put people off


Anonymous said…
a lot of business chat on here about companies going bust.

Just trying to tell you that in a time of doom & gloom the mighty greggs is triumphant.

Mark Buckland said…
Every small business owner is interested in bankrupcy etc. Having been one many moons ago, It's the paranoia that has you waking up in cold sweat convinced you'll arrived at your shop the next day to find your furniture and stock being burned in a pyre and a smoothie shop or some crap has moved in.

Nothing unusual going on. But if Leslie starts wearing a fake moustache and glasses let me know.

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