"£15,000 a week for Stevie Crawford?!!?"

This was the famous pronouncement of my friend Tommy, upon reading that Dunfermline dud Stevie Crawford was paid £15k a week to miss chance after chance and consider a good season to be 7 goals in 40 games. I seem to recall Tommy's voice climbing octaves as he repeated the astonishing idea.

Now, Kaka-considerably better than Stevie Crawford, we can all agree on that. Is he worth £100million and £500k a week? Look, he can do things like this:

Okay, yes, fake. But he can do this:

So debate for the day-justify that amount of dosh. Market value suggests that, yes, Kaka is worth a ridiculous amount to a club. But half a million a week? Even if Man City's shirt sales go through the roof they'll never cover that. Not even scrape it. 

Is it not also a total slap in the face to ordinary working folk who want to go see a game? Some Premier League games are now £80 an adult for an average seat. For a father and son to go to the game, it could be £120 in tickets, £25 travel etc. What about food at the game? Shirts, scarves, season tickets? In the current economic climate is it really fair to ask fans to dig deep to support these ludicrious transfers and wages?

Or is that just the market? Is football like art, in that it doesn't bend and sway to economics? Or is it just that the gulf between the elite clubs and everyone else is now to big to mend? Inevitable answers-European Superleagues, less small time football, ruining of the game.

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