Slam at Subculture

Yes - thats right people! I'm sure some of you did a double-take right there, but sure enough, the heads of the Glasgow house and techno scenes are colliding this weekend for a rare one-off event. From the Subculture blog:
In nearly 15 years of Subculture, Glasgow's legendary techno duo Slam have never played at Sub Club's flagship Saturday Night.

On Saturday 24th January however, Slam for a special one off will be treating us to
their take on house music going up against Subculture's own Harri.
The most memorable set I ever heard Slam play was when they played a house set at the top of the stairs in the Arches Bar at Pressure a few years ago. I haven't heard them play this kind of gig since, and with Harri on the decks as well sparks are sure to fly this Saturday!
  • Where: The Sub Club, Jamaica Street, Glasgow
  • When: Saturday 24th January 2009, 10pm to 3am.
  • How Much: £5 b4 12, £10 after.
See you there!



Unknown said…
This will be awesome. I remeber an old soma compliation Past lessons future theory's from back in the day and it was more house than techno and was mint.

So gutted I'm not home to go to this. Looking forward to the review.

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