Christmas Day Graffiti Part 2.

Hi guys, just an extra few pictures that I took but couldn't fit in.

Above is an experiment a I tried, instead of blending the two colours, I tried to drip the purple to the pink... Didn't really work.

Above is a different fill I tried, I use the same technique alot in my sketches so I decided to try it out with a can.

Above is a star that I was trying to do, the black paint beneath mixed with the pink so the centre isn't very good, but turned out not too bad.

Above is a can of krylon. It's old school, but good paint, and for such a light colour it covered pretty well, was given a whole box of this for free from Big Al from Sneakerthings

Thanks for reading calum.


Anonymous said…
Hey, just some tips for when your painting:

the dark outline must take priority, always go back at the end and fix it, youd be amazed at how much of a difference this makes.

The best way to keep your outline clean is to make sure you have the letters perfectly marked out before you touch that tin of black.This is important because you don't want to have to pause and think while painting it, as this leads to visible imperfetions where you have stopped, then started spraying.

Do each line in one swift, but not rushed motion, even if this means extending your line too far. Don't worry about ruining your fill, that can be fixed easily. Dont worry about going beyond the letter's edge either, that can be fixed with a popout line.

Use skinnycaps at the top cut the ends of the lines off where they extend into the fill. this makes them appear sharp, that frayed look they normaly have is nasty.

Once you put on the popout line, go back once more with the black and fix any overlap so that the black lines always sit ontop of your popout and fill, never below.

Many writers ignore "cleaness" in their paintings when they start out, but honestly, this holds them back really badly. Be overly critical of your own paintings, because, and I hate to say this, older writers love a good laugh at beginners. They will scruitinise everything in your paintings, they want to think your still worse than they are. Don't give them the satisfaction.

Sorry if this is sounds condescending, its honestly not meant to. I just thought that was worth telling you because I was told something similar when I was starting out, and it helped.

Good luck with future painting mate.

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