Going... Going.....

On Saturday Amos toys opened up their Stash to the general public for the last time. Basically the company has kept back figures over the years and they finally let them go to the general public. Amongst the toys were all the classics as well as special items, everything was limited edition. This time however once everything is gone, it's gone for good.

Due to the current market value of some of the pieces they were sold at a slightly higher price (though still under current ebay prices), this was supposedly done to keep the flippers at bay and to try to ensure that the pieces went to actual collectors. Sadly the truth is that if there's a few quid to make on a toy the flippers will always be there trying to squeeze out some extra moolah, though Amos did say that if they suspect anyone of trying to sell on their purchases for profit they'll revoke their membership.

No doubt the sale was somewhat of a double edged sword, on the other hand it's probably the best opportunity some collectors will have to fill gaps in their collection without selling a kidney.

If you're an Amos fan and missed out on the sale there are still a number of Amos figures available from your ever dependable FB right here.


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