Musings from Mexico

Right, all i've got here in Mexico are Americans, and an Irish guy that looks a bit retarded.

The Americans are either big hunky guys or big fatties who manage to talk really loudly without saying to much, was playing water volleyball with a bunch of them today, after the game, it was all hi-5's and 'good game man', 'yeah' & 'well played dude'. 
We did win the game to be fair but the ego massaging seemed a bit gay and they have no sense of humour, irony is lost on them and i dont think they could spell it.

Never seen so many boob jobs, apparently 1 in 10 women in the states have them, seems quite high to me, but if the woman here are a segment then 1 in 10 is quite right, was looking at this girls perfect breasts, wondering how they were so perfect and round, and big and perfect, Siobhan pointed out to me they were fake, then i could stop drooling.
Most of the Americans do talk shit, if i never hear 2 of them talk about a ball game for an hour and still making no sense, even had to turn on my i-pod and listen to kiss to drown the shit out.

News channels in america, and there are many give you election 24/7, i am pretty up to my last iota of interest in the fact that Obama has a 5 point average and how McCain lacks clarity & focus.

Also, Mexicans are so short, most of them are just bout 5'0, small indeed, maybe 5'2 with their hands in the air, everytime they bring me aother margarita, they say 'my pleasure;. but i dont think it is, i reckn they actually think, 'fat british pig, i piss in your drink'.

So, alas ad farewell, remember Glasgow Rocks and visit Fat Buddha


Anonymous said…
well this is how people behave

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