American Politics

Weeks in the states and mexico (which is a little bit like a mini america, except for the short mexicans), can get you pretty obsessed with American Politics, having watched 2 Presedential debates and every advertising break has a Barak message finishing of with the tagline 'Im Barak Obama and i approve this message'.

In the UK we are governed by party politics and elect based on, for a start the history last time you were in power, which makes me wonder since John McCain is the same party as George Bush, and he is blamed for everything, why anyone would vote for McCain, when in essence you should be getting more of the same from him.

But no, McCain says he's not Bush and you will get a completely different form of government, of course he would say that and try to distance himself from Bush, his whole campaign is based around scaring people of Barak Obama, his whole message is that Barak is scary and he has no experience, blah blah blah.

Obama seems more of your typical labour man, wants to tax the rich and give to the poor, wants free medicaid for everyone and wants to spend money on schools, his message seems to be change and scaring folk into not voting for McCain by highlighting some not so know policy decisions.

Who would i vote for, for a start i quite liked Clinton, a guy who can bang his intern in the oval office gets my vote, ha.  But Clinton wasn't a bad leader, wasn't the best but to vote for the same party as Bush hails from, i don't know if i could, i don't like Barak one little bit, bit as Mark keeps banging on Palin is a creationist for christ sake, she is mental, and every answer she gives, reverts to something like ' i was sitting at a hockey match, blah blah blah'.
I would have much preferred Hilary on the Obama ticket, then it would have been an easy decision to make..
But stay tuned to see who the new leader of the most powerful nation in the free world is. ???


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